Monday, 24 October 2011

Skin Deep has a publication date

This is the cover for the UK edition of Skin Deep, to be published by Electric Monkey, a new imprint from Egmont, on 5th March 2012.

“Ugly people don’t have feelings. They’re not like everyone else. They don’t notice if you stare at them in the street and then turn your face away. And if they did notice, it wouldn’t hurt them. They’re not like real people.

Or that’s what I used to think.

When I was younger.

Before I learned.”

One night, one stupid mistake, and nothing will ever be the same again.

When Jenna reluctantly gets into a car with her friends, she has no idea how the events of that night will change her forever. After the car crash that leaves her best friend dead and Jenna so badly burned that she is permanently scarred, she struggles to rebuild her life. Every stare in the street, every mutter as she passes, every time she looks in the mirror, makes her want to retreat further from the world. Until she meets Ryan.

Ryan’s a traveller. When he and his mother moor their narrow boat on the outskirts of a village, she tells him this time it will be different. He doesn’t believe her; he never does and he’s always been right so far. He can’t imagine why this place shouldn’t be just like all the rest. Until he meets Jenna.

But as Jenna and Ryan grow closer, the effects of that January night continue to reverberate through the community. And one day a body is found.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere and congratulations on the publication date!

  2. Oh, this is SO exciting... I can't wait to get this for my eldest.

    Hey... a blog! Well done, you! Ha ha - welcome to the world of promotion, eh?


  3. Yay, Laura.
    So happy for you


  4. And now I read the premise. :-) Like it a lot. Good luck with the publication and with being a soon celebrated author.

  5. so looking forward to publication so I can recommend to others ... just finished reading my proof copy this afternoon and loved it. Brilliant book to finish the year with

  6. Thanks so much! That news was a great start to my new year.