Sunday, 29 January 2012

SKIN DEEP sells in Brazil and I get the first finished copy in my hand.

I'm delighted to report my agents had an offer for SKIN DEEP just before Christmas, which was a great Christmas present, and we've now agreed terms so the book will be out in Brazil. Thanks to my great foreign rights agent, Jane Willis, and her associates for making that happen.

On other news, I got home from work this week to find a missed parcel card in my post. Now I couldn't remember ordering anything recently so I got a sudden tingly feeling of excitement as my editor likes to surprise me with these things... I drove down to the parcel depot and picked up a padded envelope with Egmont's moniker on the front. Obviously I ripped it open as soon as I got in the car and two finished copies of SKIN DEEP dropped into my lap.

It's the strangest feeling holding the final version, the one that will be out there on bookshelves, after all this time. I didn't have an initial rush of 'WHEEEEEEEEEEE!' It built up gradually so that by the time I'd been to my Pilates class (and waved it at them) and got home again, I was totally stoked and bouncing around like a five year old after a tub of Haribos.

I am going to be one of those people who sneaks into Waterstones to photograph it on the shelves, I know it *blushes*

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  1. Ha ha, never mind sneaking in to photograph it... you have to sneak in and MAKE SURE IT HAS A PRIME POSITIONING.

    Even if this means surreptitiously reaching into the window display to replace Jamie Oliver Cooks Squid with a copy of your book... oh yes, you must become that Militant Literary Vandal.