Monday, 7 May 2012

Catching up with y'all

It's been a really hectic couple of months. Skin Deep is now out there in the shops getting some great feedback from readers and bloggers. It's great to have so many people getting behind the characters and loving them. What I'm most pleased about is how much the people who've written to me about the book, or stopped me to talk about it, or blogged about it, have got from Jenna and Ryan's journey. My favourite books are the ones that are about something real and true so I love it when readers say they've found that in Skin Deep.

The blog tour was a lovely experience, both in terms of the variety of articles that were put out there - from character Q&A to playlists to interviews - and from watching the reactions.

In other news we've been redesigning the website to make it more user-friendly and get some updates on there so that'll be going live at the end of the week. It looks much the same in the design but we've been adding some features to improve it for partially-sighted readers.

And finally, yeah, I know it's been a while since I blogged but I do have a really good excuse - I just got engaged and we've been sorting out the wedding plans *very big grin* so forgive me and normal service will now be resumed!

Oh, and I'm now on Twitter so come and find me - links are on the new website.


  1. I LOVED reading Skin Deep!!!! I reviewed it recently but I'm not sure if you got the link? Would love for you to read it :) And congrats on getting engaged, how exciting!

    1. I just found your review! I do get sent the links but not always straight away so I hadn't seen this one. And thank you!